Restructuring Kapital is part of a project I’ve been working on since 2004.

It started out as a simple idea: what if a brown guy had a breakdown, let himself go, grew out a beard, and was mistaken for a terrorist? This idea led to a silly short film I made back then called “Unbarbered”, and about five years later, I expanded the idea into a feature-length screenplay entitled “Kapital Gains”.

It took nearly 10 years to adapt the screenplay into a novella, and I would probably still be working on it, ever so slowly, if the COVID-19 pandemic hadn’t hit. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re laid off, stuck at home, and need a project to keep your mind from going berserk.

The story has evolved over the last ten years. Edward Snowden became a source of inspiration. Also, as my career shifted from filmmaking to DevOps, the story shifted to feature more of a tech industry mindset.

I self-published Restructuring Kapital through Amazon, but it’s also available on Medium.

Hope you enjoy.